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    Dr. Alex Gotay can be booked to speak at Parish or Diocesan events, including retreats, or to lead group sessions, workshops, and leadership trainings!

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    Dr. Alex Gotay, “Dr. G,” is a dynamic, national teen and young adult speaker who uses his unique perspective and combines it with his passion, humor, creativity, and stories to communicate the good news in a way that connects with ALL teens, young adults and adults!

    Dr. Gotay’s (Dr. G.) passion for Christ, being raised in a multicultural home and his experiences in life allows him to address the culture’s many ailments from a unique perspective!

    Dr. Gotay (“Dr. G”) is a Husband of 20 years, father of three boys, convert, Retreat Leader, Evangelist, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black-belt, has many years in professional Youth Ministry (both Catholic and Protestant), presently teaches Theology full-time.

    All of these allows him to provide a fervent talk, retreat or event that your group will love!

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    Alex [DR. G] Gotay is the real deal! It’s rear to see a Catholic theologian from the concrete jungles of America, but Alex makes this dichotomy an absolute reality!

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    Alex, “Dr. G”, is a powerful speaker who is used by God through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  He speaks to the young church and meets them where they are at.  We need men who live authentically and are not afraid to talk about Jesus and worship Him in the modern world.  Dr. G’s love for Christ radiates upon the young church.  He is a conduit of grace!
    Angelica Gomez, Associate Director of Youth Ministry, Diocese of Trenton, NJ
    Dr. G is one speaker that goes beyond a stage.  He embraces the youth culture and shows them that it’s possible to be relevant in the world around them but to also strive for holiness.  In our Diocese we seen all participate, even those that normally don’t engage,  intrigued and participating.  Dr. G’s style connects with all and has a way of reaching out to those who may feel or been seen as outside the fold and make them feel welcome.
    Courtney Walker, Associate Director of Youth Ministry, Diocese of Laredo,


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