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  • Suggested rate of $300/booking

  • Willing to work with any budget

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    Ideas for Bookings

    Chris is truly open to assisting in any way that your group desires.  He can hop in for a little while on a small group and lead a session, he’s able to offer talks for parish and/or diocesan events online, etc.  Chris and his wife Linda also have a passion for working with parents, married couples, etc. and would make great guests for any formation offered in that way.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to Chris through his booking form with your ideas.  He’s a joy to work with and flexible to your needs!

    About Chris

    Chris Padgett is a full time speaker, author and teacher. He has a Master’s in Theology from Franciscan University, a Licentiate from the International Marian Research Institute and is a professor with Catholic Distance University. Chris married his high school sweetheart and they have nine kids and four grandkids. They have a homestead in Central New York and live in a nine sided home. You can find out more about their farm on Youtube at Happy Place Homestead

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    Chris Padgett is a devoted husband and father, a talented musician, a very zealous convert, a serious book-addict (it takes one to know one!), an all-around great guy, and a real treasure to the Church.

    Dr. Scott HahnDr. Scott Hahn, Author & Speaker

    Chris Padgett is one of the most effective, engaging and hilarious youth evangelists on the planet.

    Chris Stefanick, Real Life Catholic

    Chris Padgett is wildly entertaining, deeply inspirational, and completely faithful to the Church. While some people are blessed with a profound understanding of the Catholic faith, and others are gifted in their ability to connect with today’s teens, Chris merges both of these traits seamlessly.

    Jason Evert, Chastity.com

    One of the most passionate (and hilarious!) Catholics I have ever met. I am blessed to have Chris as a part of my life.

    Jon Leonetti, Radio Host


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