Over time, we’ll continue to add FAQ’s here.  If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here.

How do we ensure our speakers are high quality and in good standing with the Church?2020-04-24T16:42:35-05:00

This is an excellent question!  Normally you’ll want to bring in a speaker that you already know and trust to some extent.  We encourage anyone who is booking a speaker to check out their social media, websites, etc.  to find out more information about them.   Many speakers will have a letter from their Bishop on their website.  You can also request this information from them through their social media accounts if necessary.

The mission of our site is simply to make people aware that the speakers listed are available and ready to be booked for your online meetings or events.

What is the process for booking a speaker?2020-04-22T14:07:35-05:00

You’ll find a summary of this process of each booking page, but here is a little bit more detail:

  1. Browse the directory and find a Speaker that may be a good fit
  2. Submit the “Booking” form with the information requested
  3. The speaker will confirm and/or follow up with you on any clarifying questions
  4. Once confirmed, the Speaker will ask you pay for the booking through our site
  5. You’ll work with the speaker to finalize details (see our terms)
  6. Speaker will show up to your online meeting or event
  7. You get a top-notch, sometimes “nationally renowned” speaker at a fraction of the cost and your participants are pleased!
I’m a speaker, how can I get listed in the directory?2020-04-15T22:48:03-05:00

Easy!  Fill out the form at the bottom of any page and we’ll send some information.