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Speaker Costs

  • Suggested rate of $40/booking

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    Ideas for Bookings

    Patrick is typically booked for group meetings, leadership trainings, and parish/diocesan events. The specifics of his booking options can be found below.

    Youth Leader Training

    It seems like youth culture changes every day. Patrick has worked with youth/young adults across the country and has a passion for training others to do the same. He can help your ministry team improve how they minister to young people with trainings on: mental health, speaking to young people, and teamwork on your leadership team.


    Patrick brings an energetic presence to the conference setting, making audiences feel engaged and excited about the event. He brings together the talks to make sure each attendee gets the most out of the conference. That same energy can be brought to your online conference.


    Patrick has interests in many different areas, enabling him to give compelling and informative breakout sessions on many different topics. If a topic you need isn’t listed in his bio, reach out to see if he can give your breakout session.

    Main Sessions

    Patrick’s years in youth ministry make him a great addition to your speaking team at a youth/young adult online conference. He has spoken to young people across the country about how to live the faith, pray well, and evangelize.

    Digital Evangelization

    During these last few months, Patrick has been working to find the best way to do online ministry. He would love to meet with you or your ministry team to consult you on how to reach your people.

    About Patrick

    I am a youth minister, podcaster, and speaker based in Pittsburgh. I studied Theology at Franciscan University, and I live by the philosophy, “God thinks I’m funny, so it’s okay if you don’t.”

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