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Define Blocks of Availability - Online Catholic Speaker

Booking Duration

This is where you set up your appointments through “blocks” of time.

Customer defined blocks means the host can decide how many consecutive blocks (how long) they want to book you for.

Fixed blocks means there is only one choice in how you are booked.


  1. A speaker who is flexible in the amount of time they are booked and wants to charge $15 per 15 minutes of time, would choose Customer defined blocks of 15 minutes.  A host could then sign up for a 45 minute time slot and be charged $45.  
  2. A speaker may want to be booked by the hour and for only an hour.  They charge $50/hour.  They would select Fixed blocks of 1 hour

Requires confirmation? means that you have the option to require your approval before a speaking event is booked.

Product Data → Availability

Max bookings per block means you can only be booked for one event for each of your available 15-minute time slots.

Minimum block bookable refers to how much notice you need for a booking.

Example: A speaker who sets their minimum block bookable to 1 day, must have at least 24-hour notice for a booking.

Maximum block bookable refers to how far in advance hosts can book you.

Example: A speaker who sets their maximum block bookable to 2 months, can only be booked up to 2 months into the future.

Require a buffer period of refers to the amount of time you would like between speaking events on a given day.

Example: If a speaker who requires a buffer period of 15 minutes is booked from 7-8pm, he or she is then unavailable for another event until 8:15pm.

Not available by default means that you do not have a completely open schedule that would make you available at any point in time.

In this section, you are able to set your availability. If there are times that work better than others, please be sure to prioritize them!

Product Data → Costs

Base cost refers to the amount you will charge, no matter the duration of the event.

Block cost refers to how much you would like to charge per 15-minute block.

Example: A speaker who sets their base cost to $10 and their block cost to $15 would be charging $70 total for an hour-long time slot ($10 + $15 x 4).